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Our mission is to offer a small, highly focussed range of products to music lovers in Greater Manchester and north west England. These items are carefully chosen to allow access to musical performance in a way that most ‘HiFi’ products simply miss. We feel Fyne products to be one of a few product ranges in the world that satisfy our priorities, moreover offering this throughout a wide range of budgets.

Fyne have a solution for you

Book a demonstration in the shop or at home to see what Fyne performance can bring to your home system. Whether you have modest components, or a real high end audio system, there is something in the Fyne range that you should definitely listen to. Don’t miss out.

Don’t settle for ordinary

If you want extraordinary access to music – talk to us: by calling (0161 428 7887), email us (on, or tweet at us on twitter (@theaudioworks) – and we can discuss helping you achieve great music at home.

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Where to find The Audio Works

The Audio Works
14 Stockport Road
Manchester SK8 2AA
United Kingdom
Phone: 0161 428 7887