FYNE AUDIO’S IsoFlareTM driver is a point source system whereby the bass / midrange driver shares a common centre with the high frequency unit. Providing outstanding stereo imaging, even off axis, energy is radiated isotropically with constant directivity, following the flare of the driver cone. Sound is produced as if emanating from a single point in space.


Dr. Paul Mills, Fyne Audio’s Technical Director, has considerable experience with point source drivers. Furthermore our technical team, responsible for the audio performance and mechanical build of this type of driver, have many decades of experience between them.

F500 Section


To fully optimise the driver’s performance, every aspect of the meticulous design has been considered. Eliminating unwanted vibrations, which would be detrimental to the sound quality, our IsoFlareTM point source drivers are built around a rigid cast aluminium chassis. Multifibre paper cones are used providing natural sounding midrange and clean transient behaviour.


A vented rear chamber in the Neodymium HF magnet places low frequency resonance well below the crossover region. And pushing the break up mode well above the level of human hearing, the highly rigid titanium high frequency diaphragm delivers a smooth and extended response. The unique geometry of the high frequency unit’s waveguide provides a flat frequency response and avoids internal reflections.

F500 Isoflare detail