The F700SP Series is the latest loudspeakers to be given the Special Production treatment by Dr Paul Mills and his team. Boasting significant performance improvements from its predecessor, the F700 Series, these new models incorporate state-of-the-art enhancements from the flagship F1 Series and the critically acclaimed Vintage Series wrapped in a contemporary cabinet.

These speakers are the fruit of British craftsmanship, featuring hand-assembled cabinets adorned with exquisite finishes such as piano gloss lacquered walnut veneer, exemplifying luxury in both appearance and touch.

At the heart of the F700SP Series are the IsoFlare drivers. Directly inspired by the flagship F1 Series, they are engineered with a robust Neodymium HF magnet system and titanium dome in the F703SP and magnesium dome and ferrite magnet system in the F702SP to achieve a pristine, distortion-free sound that offers a consistently flat frequency response across the spectrum, culminating in stellar high-frequency clarity.

Supporting these acoustic marvels is a robust F1 grade aluminium platform, incorporating M12 threaded support cones that can be finely adjusted to ensure the speakers are perfectly level. This attention to detail facilitates an audio performance that is as meticulously detailed as it is dynamically robust. The integration of such enhancements echoes Fyne Audio's dedication to marrying beautifully crafted cabinets with the forefront of audio technology, ensuring that the F700SP Series stands as a proud emblem of audio perfection.

F703SP Natural Walnut


Maintaining the contemporary F700 Series cabinet design, the F700SP Series will continue to deliver unparalleled visual and sonic refinement. The curved panels, specifically designed to enhance audio clarity by dispersing standing waves, are meticulously crafted from high-density birch plywood for reduced resonance. The cabinets boast a complex twin cavity tuning system for precise acoustics. Built to rigorous standards, the F700SP cabinets come with a luxurious high gloss piano lacquer finish in black, white, or the original walnut veneer, and now feature a new Natural Walnut finish, a nod to the classic aesthetics of the Vintage series, enriching the series' legacy with a touch of tradition.



Fyne Audio has elevated the F700SP Series with advanced crossover refinements, combining fastidious component sourcing with expert network design. The reimagined crossover circuitry has been optimised through computational analysis and critical listening, ensuring acoustic neutrality. This Special Production features high grade Claritycap capacitors and Neotech PC-OCC internal wiring for pristine signal clarity with upgraded gold-plated WBT Nextgen 0703 speaker terminals for enhanced signal integrity. Additionally, an in-house cryogenic treatment process meticulously relaxes material stresses, improving signal transparency and our specialised grounding terminal also mitigates radio frequency interference, safeguarding the audio's fine detail. These cumulative enhancements guarantee a pure, detailed, and transparent audio experience, embodying Fyne Audio’s commitment to sonic excellence.

Downward Firing Port


All F700SP models feature the innovative BassTrax Tractrix diffuser for bass porting. This system employs a substantial downfiring port paired with a tractrix profile conical diffuser engineered to produce a comprehensive 360-degree low-frequency (LF) wavefront. Such design ensures a seamless bass response throughout any space, mimicking the expansive sound typically associated with large, ported cabinet speakers but without bass distortions resulting from port-room interactions. This intelligent design significantly reduces the F700 Series' dependency on speaker placement, making them adaptable to various room positions for both visual appeal and functional setup.


The F700SP series harnesses the acclaimed IsoFlare technology from Fyne Audio's premier F1 Series, delivering an unrivalled auditory experience. The F703SP model features a driver identical to the F1-10's, boasting a substantial Neodymium HF magnet system paired with a 3” titanium dome. This configuration minimizes distortion and provides a smoother frequency response, enhancing the high-frequency performance. Similarly, the F702SP integrates the driver from the F1-8, utilizing an advanced HF waveguide paired with a 1” magnesium dome and ferrite magnet system for a refined frequency response.

Both units benefit from the IsoFlare design, which ensures true point source isotropic radiation for unmatched imaging and consistent frequency response. The design includes a magnesium diaphragm compression tweeter coaxially mounted into a potent MF/LF driver with a rigid multi-fibre cone and FyneFlute roll surround. The result is a speaker that delivers detailed midranges, quick transient attacks, and eliminates unwanted resonances. The massive motor assemblies increase LF sensitivity and enable the drivers to reproduce the dynamics of high-energy instruments with ease.

Fyne Audio's F700SP Series stands out for its high power handling and efficiency, promising to reproduce the live music dynamics and real-world sound pressure levels for a truly immersive listening experience.

F703SP Driver detail


The F700SP series elevates its predecessor's design with a heavyweight F1 grade aluminium platform, delivering exceptional stability for nuanced low-frequency performance and fine detail resolution. This premium plinth design is reinforced with heavy-duty M12 threaded support cones, which enable meticulous leveling from above, ensuring optimal contact with the floor for improved stability and sound quality. These enhancements not only fortify the speaker's acoustic foundation but also accentuate its more muscular visual appeal, embodying a fusion of art and acoustic engineering that enhances both the aesthetic and the listening experience.

F703SP Plinth detail