Scottish-based loudspeaker manufacturer, FYNE AUDIO, is brand new. But the 7-strong management team brings an enviable pedigree of over 200 years’ audio industry experience. Additionally, a recruitment programme is underway to bring in even more industry talent. We are seeking more team players with the passion and creative skills to help achieve our goal of designing and manufacturing an exceptional range of high performance loudspeakers.

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F3-12 wins Home Cinema Choice Group Test

F3-12 Wins Group Test

Home Cinema Choice pitched our F3-12 up against some industry heavyweights in a subwoofer group test, and the good news is, our F3-12 came out on top!

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F300 Series wins best buy

F300 Series 5.1 system picks up best buy

Home Cinema Choice reviewed our F300 Series 5.1 system consisting of F302, F301, F300C and F3-8 and they were suitably impressed with both its performance and value for money

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Our design and engineering team is based in Scotland. The team behind FYNE AUDIO have worked together for a minimum of 10 years, and some for much longer. New and innovative design elements, with cutting edge technologies, will be introduced from the outset of our company, and evident in the launch of our initial products.

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