Premium performance, high efficiency and class-leading imaging define Fyne Audio’s flagship FA500iC Home Install loudspeaker range. Designed around the same award-winning IsoFlare drivers as the F500 freestanding loudspeakers, this prestigious series of custom installation loudspeakers are equally at home in ceilings or mounted in hollow walls. Precisely tuned for audiophile quality frequency response and breath-taking dynamic in a flush fit infinite baffle position, Fyne’s FA500iC series bring premium sound quality to Home Install loudspeakers.

Featuring award-winning technology from the F501

FA500iC LCR Grille Off


Low-loss, laminated core inductors and high-grade polyester capacitors are used exclusively throughout the FA500iC series crossovers. The result is an exceptionally clean signal path and very low crossover losses, ensuring the very best in detail resolution and musical communication.

Home Theatre


The FA500iC range is as impressive with movies as it is music. Fyne Audio’s point source driver technology is ideal for articulating the finest of movie detail with pinpoint accuracy. High efficiency and high power handling means the FA500iC series delivers an incredibly dynamic and lifelike performance whether using it as a 5.1 or an additional FX channel on the ceiling.


The FA500iC Series features Fyne Audio’s point source driver technology, paired with a third party multi-zone compatible amplifier makes it ideal for natural sounding background music. Alternatively, if you want to turn up the volume in one or more zones, the efficiency and high power handling means the FA500iC series delivers an incredibly dynamic performance with an architecturally sensitive designed loudspeaker.


The FA500iC model’s IsoFlare drivers feature a highly rigid titanium dome compression tweeter set at the heart of an innovative multi-fibre bass cone with FyneFlute roll surround. The design ensures constant directivity of the wave front providing outstanding imaging even well off-axis. The radial dispersion pattern means the output is equally refined in front, behind or to the side of the speaker when installed in a in-ceiling location. Used in-wall the wide imaging and outstanding detail makes the FA500iC models ideal for high performance stereo and multi-channel systems.

FA501iC Detail


Based on the crossover from the F500 series, the FA500iC range uses a similar line-up of top-spec components including low-loss, laminated core inductors and high-grade polyester capacitors. Tuned to get the very best from a flush fit location, the result is an exceptionally clean signal path delivering unsurpassed detail and refinement for an open backed Home Install loudspeaker.

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FA500iC Clamp


Fyne’s Home Install range of loudspeakers have been designed for simple home fitment. The FA500iC series offers large, self aligning clamps that allow the speaker to be fitted into a cut-out ceiling or hollow wall opening in seconds. Each speaker is supplied with an clear cut-out template to ensure you create the correct sized opening and gold-plated spring clip terminals make speaker connection simple. Perfect for high performance stereo or multi-channel surround sound applications, the FA500iC series brings professional level Home Install loudspeaker technology to the home.


Audiophile quality stereo music or high performance multi-channel sound, in-ceiling or in-wall placement, Fyne’s FA500iC range of Home Install loudspeakers offer unrivalled flexibility. Easy to install in a wide variety of ceilings, false or hollow walls, this premium range demystifies getting the very best from discreet installation loudspeakers. Supplied with both round and square grilles to best match location and décor, the grilles are fully paintable and offer a cloth scrim to further blend into light colour walls and ceilings. For the sleek looks and space saving convenience of an installation loudspeaker with all the prestige technology and award-winning performance of Fyne’s F500 models, the FA500iC sets the benchmark for Home Install loudspeakers.