Centre Channel Speakers

A centre channel speaker of a home cinema system can often go overlooked. The majority of dialogue is delivered from it, so it is important to find the right choice and ensure it matches the sound of your effects channels for a consistent enjoyable experience. It should bring a full, well-rounded sound while still being capable of delivering crystal clear dialogue for those soft spoken moments. Fyne Audio has matched the voicing and cabinet finishes to the relevant series, bringing a consistent look and sound to its centre channel speakers.

Fyne Audio F300C


The F300C is a dedicated centre channel loudspeaker voice matched to other models in the F300…

f300i lcr category

F300i LCR

The F300i LCR is a compact centre channel design bringing the performance and value of the F300i…

Fyne Audio F300LCR


The F300LCR is a compact on-wall loudspeaker bringing the performance and value of the F300 series…

Fyne Audio F500C


Designed for home theatre systems, the F500C is a dedicated centre channel loudspeaker voice…

FS57SP 6 High Gloss Black category


Designed to integrate seamlessly into the smaller F500SP or F700 models, the F57SP-6 is a compact…

FS57SP 8 High Gloss Walnut category


For the largest home theatre and multi-channel music systems, the F57SP-8 is a phenomenally…