Things are developing well for the launch of the F1-10, the first model in our high end F1 series. The design is truly unique and the innovative feature list is outstanding. From the massive 16kg plinth to the intricate burr walnut inlay top of the cabinet, every element of the loudspeaker has been meticulously considered to ensure stunning audio performance combined with exquisite aesthetic appeal.

Using a 10” version of Fyne Audio’s proprietary IsoFlareTM point source driver ensures constant directivity of the wave front generated, providing outstanding stereo imaging, even off axis. The powerful low frequency motor system uses a substantial ferrite magnet with a rectangular copper voice coil, delivering stress-free performance even at high volume. To place low frequency resonance well below the crossover region, the massive Neodymium high frequency magnet incorporates a vented rear chamber.

The cabinet utilises a twin cavity tuning system which reduces internal standing waves, and moderates cone excursion around the tuning frequency, allowing increased power handling. Additionally, our BassTraxTM Tractrix Diffuser System, with a downwards firing port, converts plain wave port energy to a spherical 360 degree wavefront. This integrates energy uniformly into the room, making the loudspeaker less critical of room positioning.

The first finish available will be a luxurious high gloss walnut with burr walnut inlay on the front baffle and the top of the speaker.

Many thanks to Hi-Fi Review Hong Kong and for some of the images used here.