Powerful, articulate and easy to fit into most hollow walls, Fyne Audio’s FA300iC and FA500iC home install loudspeakers discreetly bring audiophile quality sound to any room. The slim design requires very little room behind the mounting surface, making them ideal for custom installation in false walls, and the self aligning clamps ensure easy fitment. Supplied with both round and square magnetically mounted low profile grilles, these can be painted to match room décor and feature an acoustic scrim to create a seamless look. Fitted with bespoke crossovers and 6” or 8” drivers ported over from Fyne’s award-winning freestanding loudspeakers, getting premium sound discreetly has never been easier.


Designed to offer the same great performance as Fyne’s entry level F300 series freestanding loudspeakers, the FA300iC series offer outstanding value in a discreet in-wall design. Borrowing the 6” and 8” drivers from the F300 series, FA301iC and FA302iC models feature an innovative multi-fibre cone mid/bass driver with FyneFlute roll surround and tilting 25mm polyester dome tweeter.



Offering premium sound and unrivalled imaging, Fyne Audio’s FA500iC series home install loudspeakers feature the same award-winning IsoFlare point source drive units as the F500 series freestanding loudspeakers. For audiophile quality stereo sound or for use as any speaker in a comprehensive multi-channel system, the three strong FA500iC range offers potent 6” or 8” IsoFlare drivers and high power crossovers, in an easy to fit in-wall loudspeaker design.