The FA300iC and FA500iC Series bring Fyne’s award-winning audio performance to a discreet range of in-ceiling home installation loudspeakers designed to fit ceilings around the home. Understated cosmetics with low profile fully paintable grilles, combine with Fyne's unique driver technologies, bespoke crossovers and a raft of features that simplify installation. Fyne Audio’s in-ceiling loudspeakers are easy to fit, easy to drive and even easier to enjoy.


Developed from Fyne’s F300 Series loudspeakers, the FA300iC Series offers an entry level range of in-ceiling speakers for budget conscious systems. Giving nothing away in terms of performance and impact, the FA301iC and FA302iC use 6” and 8” drivers from the F300 Series, complete with FyneFlute roll surround and tilting 25mm polyester dome tweeter, mounted coaxially with the mid/bass driver.



Stepping up in audio performance, Fyne’s IsoFlare point source drivers form the heart of the premium FA500iC Home Install loudspeaker range. With drivers ported over from the award-winning F500 Series of freestanding loudspeakers, the mid/bass section features a rigid multi-fibre cone terminated with the innovative FyneFlute roll surround for a fast deep bass. Combined with the driver’s 25mm titanium dome compression tweeter, these audiophile level flush fitting loudspeakers offer true point source isotropic radiation and wide dispersion.