Speaker Care

By now, you’ve hopefully managed to fully install your new speakers and the wiring and positioning and running in articles have helped you find that sweet spot for your perfect jam. But, have you ever stopped to think about how you’re going to keep these prize possessions looking their best?

Full instructions on the care of all our different speakers can be found in each manual, which can be found in the box or on the product support section of the website, but in case you haven’t ventured there yet here’s the low down.

DOs and DON’T’s

Like any high-quality wood finished products you should take extra care to avoid exposure to extreme temperature, humidity and direct sunlight for prolonged periods, we don’t want that sumptuous finish getting cracked or discoloured.

Now, before you “Break Free” your inner Freddie Mercury, let’s just run through the recommended cleaning process for the different finishes.

Cloth types

A soft micro-fibre cloth will take care of most of the speaker ranges from the F300 to the F1 Series. If your speaker has any handling smudges, you can dampen the cloth to help polish them out. The lacquer wood finishes can also be cleaned with a non-silicon high quality polish.

For our F3 and F300 Series products which feature a high-quality vinyl finish we would recommend wiping it down with a soft dry cloth.


The High-End Vintage and Classic products feature some of the finest wood veneers around and should only be cleaned with a lint free cloth such as a muslin, which if needed can be dampened to help remove any stubborn residue.

If you’re lucky enough to have our Vintage Ten, Vintage Twelve or Vintage Fifteen, the Oiled Walnut panels may also benefit from a careful application of our Fyne wood wax (supplied with the product) to help reinvigorate that finish.  This should be done whenever the cabinet looks to be drying out or several times a year for maintenance.


It's important to be aware that the use of solvents or abrasives can damage the exterior of the products and will invalidate the warranty!

Fyne Wax formula supplied with Vintage Ten, Vintage Twelve and Vintage Fifteen.
Cloth not inlcuded.


Now you know everything you need to do to keep your speakers in top condition, making sure they look as good as they sound for that next listening session you’ve got lined up! So now you have given them a spruce up, kick back and put on some well earned tunes. You deserve it.


Happy listening!

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