This week our Sales Manager Dave Waters was in Denmark to visit our Danish Distributor, Medlyd and his network of dealers. The purpose of the visit was to educate the dealers and key guests on the brand, the portfolio of products and the technology within them.


First stop was to meet with key Copenhagen dealer, Top Sound where Dave demonstrated the F702 with the new Aethos Rega and Rega P10 turntable. Its engaging sound impressed the audience with many asking for “just one more track”.


Next stop was Nordso Records, an independent record pressing plant who not only sell records, but entry level hi-fi too. For those who love vinyl it was quite the spectacle watching the process before playing a recently pressed LP of local Jazz singer songwriter Ginne Marker using a Rega P3, Rega Bio and our award-winning F302’s to an exclusive group. It was a very Fyne evening indeed.

The last stop of the tour was an event at Mynkebo Inn arranged by dealer Audiocompaniet. With another select audience it was a very special evening with Dave presenting Fyne Audio to the waiting attendees followed by a demonstration of the F302 and F702 hooked up to a Aethos Rega and Rega 10 turntable. At the end of the evening, there was much disappointment when the music stopped with everyone enjoying the sound on offer.

“The visit was definitely worthwhile, we are very impressed the value of the F302’s and the F702 sounded fabulous”
Henrik – Medlyd

Overall the reception was fantastic, thank you to all involved for making it such a success, including those of you who attended each evening. It certainly was one to remember!