F501 What Hi-Fi 5 Star

After working tirelessly over the last year to bring you our new products, we sent off the F501 to What HiFi for its first ever review. Ever since we have been pacing the floor like a nervous parent waiting on their child’s first report card. We’re pleased to announce the report has arrived back with gold stars all over it. Five to be exact!

… an extremely thorough debut for a company that’s starting from scratch. But it’s safe to say the F501s look, feel and, most crucially, sound more like the product of a company building on years of experience and expertise.

Read the 5* What HiFi review in its entirety at https://www.whathifi.com/fyne-audio/f501/review#SDO4qEC5kZWGu5ho.99

Photos courtesy of What HiFi