Vintage Fyne Audio Munich 2022

May 2022 saw the return of the Munich High End Show after a two year hiatus due to Covid restrictions. It was our first appearance at the MOC and here that we chose to preview our most ambitious loudspeaker series to date, marrying timeless classic speaker aesthetic with cutting-edge audio engineering. From the drawing board of our loudspeaker industry veteran of 40+ years, Dr Paul Mills, the Fyne Audio Vintage Series uses the very latest in acoustic design technologies, precision components, current materials and contemporary cabinet construction, styled and finished to exude the hand-built, bespoke furniture elegance of loudspeakers from ‘back in the day’.

Back in the day never sounded so good!

The Vintage range will feature seven models from the launch in September/October 2022. Based on the latest iterations of Fyne’s IsoFlare point source driver, the Vintage range will be split into two distinct styles; Vintage and Vintage Classic.

Vintage Fyne Audio Munich 2022

Fyne Audio Vintage

The Vintage Series encapsulates Dr Mills’ ‘no compromise’ execution of loudspeaker design, resulting in a trio of premium models that deliver outstanding musical performance and stunning visual design. All three incorporate Fyne’s flagship IsoFlare drive units in 10in (250mm), 12in (300mm) and an all-new 15in (380mm) iterations. These true point source drive units mate a 75mm titanium dome compression tweeter driven by a neodymium magnet system to a stiff multifibre LF cone, itself terminated with Fyne’s unique FyneFlute surround. The Vintage crossovers use the latest high spec components, hand built onto a custom board and Deep Cryogenically Treated to further improve signal integrity.

The bespoke, hand built and hand finished cabinets are constructed from sustainable birch plywood, crafted into large twin cavity enclosures mathematically curved to reduce internal standing waves that could cause colouration and improve mechanical performance. The lower cavity is ported using Fyne’s BassTrax porting system, with LF energy firing downwards onto a tractrix diffuser cone to give even 360degress LF output.

Vintage cabinets will be wrapped in the finest Walnut veneers with Burr Walnut Inlays and detailed with gold anodised metal trim. The front mounted analogue Presence control dial has been engineered to deliver subtle adjustment to the sound and a premium feel in use. A further analogue dial for HF Energy is mounted on the rear panel. The result is a truly Vintage sense of luxury, style and refinement.

Fyne Audio Vintage Classic

Vintage Classic employs traditional square cabinetry wider than it is deep, Walnut real wood veneer finishes and a black baffle, emulating speakers of the 1960s and 70s that emerged from the crossover between pro audio and home HiFi. At the heart of the Classic models is Fyne’s IsoFlare driver with FyneFlute roll surround. The design combines a multifibre cone LF unit with a 75mm titanium dome / ferrite motor compression tweeter at its centre to give music the imaging and spatial benefits of a true point source design.

The range will encompass four models, one stand mount and three floorstanding designs, designed around 8in (200mm), 10in (250mm) and 12in (300mm) IsoFlare units. All four models will have Fyne’s unique 360degree BassTrax Porting system tuned to get the best from the traditional cabinet geometry, minimalist analogue controls for subtle Presence and HF Energy adjustment, and removable woven cloth grills in complimentary grey.

Designed by Dr Paul Mills and his team, manufactured, tested and hand finished in Fyne’s Glasgow factory, the first Vintage and Vintage Classic models are expected to launch in September 2022 with the remaining models coming to dealers in November 2022.

Fyne Audio Munich 2022

The all new F1-12S

Making its first outing at Munich was our new F1-12S which features an all new IsoFlare driver with integrated FyneFlute rubber surround and redesigned crossover.

But wait there's more!

As if that’s not enough to tease the senses, the F1-8, F1-5, F703, F502SP, F501 and F302i were also on show for all to see.

The Munich High End Show 2022 was a great success for Fyne Audio, it was great to be back front of you all to show you the fruits of our labour over the last few years. We look forward to returning to the MOC next year!

Join the Fyne Team on a tour of our booth.